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Welcome toThe Boudoir Boutique!

Hey Diva!

Girl. You finally made it to the page. Congratulations, that's the first step towards rediscovering yourself and your inner diva. You're probably sitting there saying, damn, I've always wanted to do this - but never had the courage. Well, Mama, I'm here to tell you - you definitely can! I'll hype you up, turn up some rock music, pop open the bubbly and we will have a fun girl's sesh. Sound good? In this hour we'll become besties (if we aren't already). I'll be your biggest cheerleader, tell you how amazingly GORG you are (because let's face it) YOU ARE! I'll also be super honest and the mirror you need right now to understand just how truly epic you are. Your body is beautiful, just as it is! This is your time for self-love, appreciation and we will bring out your inner model. No, you won't get naked - that's just not my style, but you will however feel absolutely empowered by the end of it. You'll forget all about that bad breakup (who needs them anyway, right?!), that silly missed job opportunity (whateves, their loss!) or any other life issue that's going on right now. I've got your back babe!


Now let's shake what the good Lord gave ya!



"I felt like a million bucks after that!"

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